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DICE means the calculated steps towards the future.

In 2010 after doing BSC in Computer Science for the financial problem I needed to start the private tuitions. But with the normal private tuition no-one can take their family responsibility properly. Normal private tuition is ok for the pocket money. So I need to think out of the box and also did not want to do any private or gov jobs which normal students are doing. Got the private jobs in 3 companies (CTS, TCS, WIPRO). But that was not my dream. So started doing the market survey which subject should be better to teach and found that if I go for MCA entrances then there will be a huge potential to get success. Since I had a monetary problem and also had an education LOAN for BSC in COMPUTER SCIENCE  so the only option was to take an admission in government colleges in West Bengal to do MCA. 

Appeared for JECA. After that started the trial period for MCA entrance coachings for JECA only. Got help from ORKUT. I still remember at that time Orkut was a good social network for this kind of ads. For the trial, I started to take the classes @125 INR for 3days a week. First Batch students were given by Prabir Naskar (Part Time teacher of R.K. Mission Residential Colege, Narendrapur). Stil now I am thankful to him. After a few days got another student from ORKUT Arindam Dasgupta. Then another student Madhurima Dutta.

Started a facebook group since there was no MCA group. My group name is JECA MCA and etc... Still, the group has the same name. The link is JECA MCA and etc... Here we are helping students with the information. Now we are having one page too DICE PAGE

Then JECA results out. My rank was 64. last year closing rank was 123 or 115 for Jadavpur University. I still remember that night I was very happy after knowing the rank.  but bad luck Shibpur Stopped continuing the MCA course. So everybody started to take Jadavpur University first. Closing rank was 63. Hd to take the Calcutta University for MCA. But still, a problem did not have the money to take the admission though it's a government college. Luckily got good friends in my R.K. Mission Residential College. Father of my roommate (Wreet Mondal) gave me 12,000 for taking the admission in Calcutta University. Told him, will return you when I will have money, he agreed. Applied for scholarship in Calcutta University and got the merit cum scholarship yearly 16,800. After knowing that was happy since I will be able to return uncle's money after a year. Now focusing on the MCA course and as well as on MCA entrance cause need to continue father's treatment.   

Arindam Dasgupta (SITM student.), Siddhartha Bannerjee (Professor of R.K. Mission Residential Colege, Narendrapur) and Prabir Naskar ( Part Time teacher of R.K. Mission Residential Colege, Narendrapur) helped me a lot to get the students. Finally got two good news 1. JECA rank 27 and 2. from next month I will get 15,000 a month for my DICE mca entrances. But in life, only good thing doesn't happen. on 11th September father died. 

In 2010 after that JECA incident was very much depressed. I went to college once if there is any chance to take the admission. Found that 7 students did not take the admission but Jadavpur University does not fill the seats. From the office, they said "Better luck next time." I said ok will come here next year. 

In 2011 since I ranked 27 so could take the admission in Jadavpur University. After some time got the scholarship too and got freeship at Jadavpur University.  Went to the uncle to return his money but he did not take the money and told me to not to return. Felt happy that uncle loved me like a father. 

Since onwards 2012 DICE is running good I canceled my freeship in Jadavpur University. Started other MCA entrance too NIMCET, VIT, KIIT, BHU, PONDICHERRY, KMAT, SRM, BITM. 




  • JECA
  • BHU
  • VIT
  • KIIT
  • KMAT

To take the admisison and know more please go to the link BATCH TIMING


Being an academic person, I would recommend every promising student to join and explore the feeding techniques that DICE provides..


If you are willing to get chance in any MCA ENTRANCE EXAM, then DICE is the best option available.

Some of the major advantages of studying in DICE are:

1. Good amount of study materials are provided regularly.

2. If any student is facing any problems and doubts then they are cleared instantly.

3. Attendance and fees are updated every month in a separate Excel Spreadsheet.

4. Students are connected to DICE through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Gmail; hence the problem can be solved anytime.

5. Regular Test Practices are also done here resulting in good Time Management by the students.

6. Doubts like 'Best College for MCA' and 'where to get the best placement', are also solved here.

Conclusion: DICE is the best coaching center for MCA ENTRANCE EXAMS.


DICE believes in the inner capacity of all students. It helps to reveal the secret talents of them. It is a nice and appreciable initiative, taken by Dipak! 


JECA er Agaer din raatthkcounciling r porprjontonischinto kore sobbb ri8 info pawar best jaegaata (Y)
& now 4 govt. xmstooo :D
hats off Dipak Da 4 dis ... 


oh Deepak da s my personal mentor..nd ds page as well..DICE s smthng that can change one's life in better perspective...


i was confused what i have to do..at that moment creator of DICE(Dipak da) helped me a lot to find a right path.for every confusion this was the only solution.


Awesome page and vrrry much helpful for govt job...thanks a lot Dipak da


it's a complete package of all information regarding IT..even solutions of tricky questions frequently asked in interviews...for an IT careerist nothing could be better than this page


vry helpful for all d stdents in respect of any IT fields job or else..(Y) DICE (Y)


Outstanding work 4 us,as well as 4 da newcomers... Nice job u've done Dipak da :) This is really a unique page I've ever seen...Will surely be helpful 4 da students.Keep upgrading dis page and keep rocking Dipak da :) Wish u all da best


Very helpfull, different kinds of helps accually, It helps a lot when graduation is done, no batch-mates are there, Given JECA alone, No information providers are beside. 
Seniors are experienced and their experiences matters a lot, which is provided here.



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